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Important February 2016 Information


Shop will not be taking orders from Feb 7 to Feb 18th. All orders placed on or before Feb 6 will have shipped by Feb 8th (look out for emails / shipping notifications with tracking information).

Shop will be back to taking orders after Feb 18th.

Valentine 2016 Shipping Dates Info

Crankbunny Shop will be closed February 7th to February 14th.Last day to place an order is February 6th.All items in the shop are handmade by one person. No interns, no hipster elves. The shop drops off at the post office everyday Monday through Saturday. Priority Mail is recommended for items that need to arrive by a [...]

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Holiday 2015 Shipping Cut-Off Dates and Delivery Information

Orders need 3 to 5 business days for magic dusting & processing & packaging before they ship out. Orders will not ship immediately after an order is placed. Please consider Priority / Express Mail rates if rushed Business Days are Monday - Friday. Crankbunny Shop will be closed December 17 - Jan 3rd. Last day to place an order [...]

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New Pop Up Card - Mechanical Flying Humming Bird

An oldie, but a goodie! The humming bird pop up greeting card has been actually retired for a few years now (Crankbunny stopped selling it in 2009-ish, we can't remember). It has been recently been given a makeover and re-released! This particular pop up card is mechanical. Pull the flower petal tab in and out - watch the [...]

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Mr. Charles - ArtJaws - Edition of 5

Based on a real character from the early 1900s. “Mr. Charles" is a male character from Victorian times long ago. Shipwrecked on the exotic coast of Burma, native kings and savage artists made him their canvas* for more than 12 years. Now back at home, Charles knows the best way to show off his tattoos [...]

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​*Crankbunny Shop Update*

Because the fall / winter holidays have finally descended on the shop (and we'd like to keep our sanity around here) - orders placed in the Crankbunny Shop and the Etsy store will ship out in 3 to 5 days now.Each card or item is handmade and the shop will always ship out an order [...]

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Sept 28 to Oct 9 Shipping Delays! Use coupon code BOING for discount.

About that time again, Crankbunny's hobo-senses are tingling and a trip is coming up. We'll be zooming up-down the East Coast and checking out all the neat things at NYCC too! So, the following dates are very important for customers placing orders between September 28 through October 9th! During this time use the coupon code BOING [...]

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New floral pop up cards!

The shop has added to its floral bounty! FANCY Added to the current  three orchid and red / white pop up cards are the Hibiscus, Poppy and Tulip flower cards.  To see more photos of purchase the Hibiscus card - click here. To see more photos or purchase the Poppy flower card - click-o-roo here. To see photos or buy the Tulips flower pop up card - poke [...]

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New paper puppet stands & free pop up card stands.

Two new exciting things! Yes, not one but 2! First. A Crankbunny pop up card now includes a FREE really nifty cardstock stand that folds out easily. This will allow you (or a special person) a way to enjoy the card more than just opening it the first time. This stand keeps the pop up card open so [...]

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A Halcyon in the woods. New art doll series.

…. When Alcyone’s husband Ceyx died in a shipwreck, Alcyone threw herself into the sea whereupon the gods transformed them both into halcyon birds (kingfishers)…. Ofelia and Manuel, progeny from wistful halcyon days, love being couriers to heavenly Greek gods. Every day they dress up as a kingfisher bird to deliver packages to the heavens.  It can [...]

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Free Paper Craft Tutorials

Every Thursday a new How-To Tutorial of a fun paper craft project is posted for download. Feel free to the check out the archive of tutorials for past downloads templates.

This free download series of pop up cards, paper toys and paper puppets templates is brought to you by The Secret Society of Paper Cuts!
Learn more and preview the SSoPC how-to paper craft book!

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