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Back in business baby! May 2015 update


The online store is back to taking orders on May 1st!

We are considering this a "soft-opening" while the wheels slowly start spinning back into usual order/ship mode. The shop closed up in Feb 2015 for Crankbunny to focus on an animation project and also to move! So, still catching up on making inventory, unpacking and setting up a great new MUCH MORE ROOMY work space.

Emails will be sent out to all those who reached out during this closed period of time on May 1st.

Wholesale Orders* 
Crankbunny will start taking online wholesale orders starting May 7th! The shop will start reaching out to those who've asked / inquired about orders and new accounts then. All wholesale orders need 7 to 12 business days of production before shipping.

Etsy Shop*
The Etsy shop will start taking orders after Mother's Day on Monday, May 11th. The Etsy Crankbunny shop is a beast (wickedly hard to update & sync with inventory). Honestly, the shop isn't prepared for that behemoth because of the time taken off and the big move. 

Shop closed until May 2015

Update* April 15th 2015Both Crankbunny online stores and the wholesale shop are closed until May 2015. Exact date is TBD (read all about it in the previous post), but the aim is May 1st. Time was taken off to work on a special animation project AND the studio space got upgraded (we moved! ....still haven't unpacked....). Sign up [...]

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Tutorial - DIY Download - Heart Cupcake Paper Theatre. Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift!

Cute (calorie free) cupcakes! This fun full color paper template makes a sweet 3-D cupcake paper diorama. Perfect to make for a last minute Valentine's Day gift!!!  This happy cupcake paper toy seems to scream out "YAY! Eat me! I love you!." Remember to customize this festive paper toy by adding a sweet message to the [...]

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Shop is closed until May 2015

*Importante!*The online stores will be closed from Feb 7th to May 2015. Any orders placed before Feb 8th will ship by Feb 9th. Tracking and shipping notification will be sent out for all orders placed by Feb 9th. Please contact the shop with any questions.The shop will open up in May with plenty of paper puppets, pop up [...]

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Lucky 7 Ball Pop Up answers all questions!

Lucky 7 Ball Pop Up answers all questions! Fortune, love and surprises. Shake and get a personalized response.This year's new Valentine card is based on the classic Magic 8 Ball toy. Totally personalized for any special event. Customize the question and answer part of this Lucky 7 Ball pop up card. It is a functioning Magic 8 [...]

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Valentine Orders - Important Shipping Dates

Crankbunny Shop will be closed February 7th to February 14th.Last day to place an order is February 7th.All items in the shop are handmade by one person. No interns, no hipster elves. Feel free to contact the shop before placing an order if you have questions. The shop drops off at the post office everyday Monday [...]

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"I Am Doll Parts" Paper Doll themed art show at Rivet Gallery

Special paper dolls and paper puppets were made for the art show "I Am Doll Parts" at Rivet Gallery located in Columbus, Ohio. The paper doll themed show is from Jan 3 to Jan 31 2015. It features unique pieces by Crankbunny and fellow doll artists Mab Graves and Angie Mason.The Crankbunny pieces in the I Am Doll Parts [...]

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Hey! What's all the RUSH about!? Introducing Rush Service option for online orders.

Sometimes you're hunting and hunting (...sometimes at the last minute, we've all been there) and you find the perfect gift online! AND WAIT - you find that perfect item in the Crankbunny online store.The Crankbunny Shop now has a *Rush Service* available for most items in the online store.Many customers in the past have asked [...]

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Dec 15 to Jan 3 - Shop is closed up until the new year!

Happy Holidays!The online Crankbunny shop is officially closed up for the rest of the year for holiday travel, restocking and making! The shop will be back open Jan 3rd with PLENTY MORE cards, robots and paper puppets on sale.All orders placed before Dec 15th have shipped before /or on Dec 15th. Tracking and shipping notification have [...]

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Orders need 2 to 3 Business Days for magic dusting & processing & packaging before they ship out. Orders will not ship immediately after an order is placed unless arranged with the shop directly through email. Business Days are Monday - Friday. Crankbunny Shop will be closed December 15 - Jan 3rd.Last day to place an order is December [...]

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Free Paper Craft Tutorials

Every Thursday a new How-To Tutorial of a fun paper craft project is posted for download. Feel free to the check out the archive of tutorials for past downloads templates.

This free download series of pop up cards, paper toys and paper puppets templates is brought to you by The Secret Society of Paper Cuts!
Learn more and preview the SSoPC how-to paper craft book!

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