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Join Crankbunny at Maker Faire Atlanta October 4 - 5 2014 at the Secret Society of Paper Cuts booth!

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WHAT?! That is correct! Crankbunny will have a Secret Society of Paper Cuts booth at the Makerfaire Altanta October 4 and 5th.

Featuring both established and emerging local “Makers,” the Atlanta Maker Faire started by MAKE Magazine is a FREE family-friendly celebration featuring speakers, workshops, and exhibition booths. What you can expect is TONS of folks showing off robotics, green tech, electric vehicles, vintage computing, 3D printing, textile arts, home fabrication, and much more!

Get your FREE TICKETS here 

This event is free and registration is just a way to get you in faster!

The Secret Society of Paper Cuts booth will feature tons of Crankbunny paper toys, paper puppets, pop up cards and paper engineering to touch and play with!

I will be there blabbering around how Crankbunny evolved from using simple tools (such as paper, scissors, glue) to using laser cutters and 3D printed parts to create fun paper goodies.

Click here to visit the special website for the booth and learn more!

Sit down and also enjoy a hands on activity that will include making a take away Halloween themed animated paper toy!


Raffle / contest / giveaway at the booth!!

Come by the SSoPC (Secret Society of Paper Cuts) booth and pick up a nifty handmade scratch off flyer. Each flyer will have a scratch off code that you can enter in at http://make.crankbunny.com to win a $75 gift cerfiticate code to use at the Crankbunny Shop!

This is a really fun event for everyone. There are a TON of booths and most of them will be doing demos or have hands on activities for folks to try out. Silkscreen shirts, fool around with robots, print stuff, loom shiz, ride around in the nerdy derby?!, learn to grow mushrooms!? donate and re-purpose clothing.

The event is also outdoors in downtown Decatur with tons of fresh air, parking, public transporation (ride your bike!) and foods. So no nerd flu! (ala comic book convention style).

*Shop Closed - Oct 6 to Oct 13th*

*IMPORTANT Shipping Notice**Shop Closed - Oct 6 to Oct 13th*We are using this time to restock (basically make) new inventory. Please note the following.• Orders placed between Oct 5 to Oct 13th will start shipping Oct 14th. • Orders for cake toppers placed between Oct 5 to Oct 13th will start shipping Oct 20th.• Wholesale orders [...]

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New Crankbunny Book! How to create pop up cards. Join the Secret Society of Paper Cuts today!

MAKE POP UP CARDS BOOKStart making pop up cards! A storybook paper craft how-to book that your grandmother on LSD would really enjoy.Includes 4 how-to projects with templates (with additional related templates & resources available online). Create several unique pop up cards. Learn easily the fundamentals of paper engineering. Understand how to use the three main pop up structures. [...]

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New Crankbunny Book! How to make paper dolls, paper puppets and animated mechanical paper dolls.

The two new Secret Society of Paper Cut books for 2014 are out!MAKE PAPER DOLLS & PAPER PUPPETS BOOK Start making different paper dolls and paper puppets!Includes 4 how-to projects with templates (with additional related templates & resources available online). Create several unique paper dolls and paper puppets. Learn the fundamentals of doll making with paper engineering.Fine [...]

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The Farewell Summah Crankbunny Sale Newsletter!

Didn't catch the fall newsletter? WHOOPS - Click here!Newsletter includes information on retired items, a great coupon code for 15% off, new book releases and event details about Makerfaire Atlanta.

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Two NEW Secret Society of Paper Cuts Books. Release date Sept 26th.

Preorder the NEW two Secret Society of Paper Cuts how-to books! The release day for both books on Sept 26th - so enjoy this small bucket of time to get a hold of each or one book of your choosing at a discount. • Each book focuses laser tight on two different paper crafts. • Learn to how to make [...]

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Online Shop Notice - August 18 thru 25 - Shipping Information

ROADTRIP!August 18 thru 25 the online store will be unable to process, make or ship any orders placed during that time.Orders placed between August 18 and August 25th will start shipping August 26th. *Shop Closed - Roadtrip August 18 - 25*• Orders placed between August 18 and August 25th will start shipping August 26th. • Orders [...]

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Tutorial - Vintage Paper Ephemera Remix - Doll Bust

This week's free paper toy project is based on some vintage french advertising ephemera that I pulled out from my collection for Ovolmatine... or Ovaltine! These ads most likely came with the actual product as part of the packaging. Including a toy with a product was a great incentive for parents. Remember, this was back in [...]

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Tutorial - DIY Download - Monkey Paper Toy Template. Oo! Oo! AH AH! Get your bananas right here!

GO bananas with this cute vintage monkey paper toy! Use this full color paper template to create a silly monkey hugging his favorite yummy snack. He loves to hang about and get into trouble ala' Curious George.This monkey toy is easy to cut out and put together. Set him on your bookcase or have the monkey sit off [...]

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Tutorial - DIY Jumping Jack Paper Toy Bugs by Handmade Charlotte & Misake Mimoko

Jumping Jacks are a type of animated paper puppets we all have run across most likely as a kid. I have really fond memories of a jumping jack Santa tree ornament from when I was a child. This Thursday paper craft tutorial is from Handmade Charlotte. It's a wonderful easy twist on the standard flat jumping-jack figures aka [...]

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