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Tutorial - Vintage Paper Ephemera Remix - Doll Bust

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This week's free paper toy project is based on some vintage french advertising ephemera that I pulled out from my collection for Ovolmatine... or Ovaltine!

These ads most likely came with the actual product as part of the packaging. Including a toy with a product was a great incentive for parents. Remember, this was back in the day when kids maybe had two or three new toys to actual toys to play with. They would mostly play games so a small easy craft project like this was a fun novelty. 

The little 3D paper busts became also a great match for some extra doll heads that always happen to be floating around. They get damaged in some small way - but it kills me to just toss them in the trash. And so... I  end up with a box of orphan paper parts.

The instructions of the original paper tutorial are in french. I did my best to guess the steps and adjust certain steps that just didn't work.

>> Download the PDF paper toy pattern 
(Right click & "Save As" the file to your computer.).

Print the free printable pattern on cardstock or thick inkjet / laser color paper.

*Tip* If the printing paper is thin - you can also glue it to another plain sheet of paper to give it more support. We like spray adhesive since it's easy to put down a thin layer of glue evenly.

Materials & Tools
Scissor, Tape, Craft Knife (Exacto Knife), Old dry pen, Ruler


1. Cut out all the paper parts carefully - especially around the neck area of each doll. Use a craft knife / Exacto blade to cut out the neck hole labeled "o ojourner". Make sure to cut along the B line on the hat part.

2. Score along the dotted line on the bust and doll head paper part using a dry ballpoint pen.

3. Fold back the bust along the dotted line. Fold up the tab labeled "E".

4. Insert the doll neck (only labeled A on one of the doll templates) through the neck hold. Match up the E tab with the bust E tab. Tape them together. (I personally could not figure out how these two would slot together naturally - hence - the tape).

5. Fold back the C tabs located on each side of the doll head. Slot the tabs together. Feel free to use tape if needed.

6. Lock the D tabs on the Hat part together. Slide the D slot on each over the B tab found ontop of the doll head.


These are so fun and easy to make for party decorations! Download the project and find ways to add your own doll heads.* Idea* - cut up photographs of friends / family members and glue those in place.


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