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Tutorial - DIY Download - Monkey Paper Toy Template. Oo! Oo! AH AH! Get your bananas right here!

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GO bananas with this cute vintage monkey paper toy! Use this full color paper template to create a silly monkey hugging his favorite yummy snack.

He loves to hang about and get into trouble ala' Curious George.

This monkey toy is easy to cut out and put together. Set him on your bookcase or have the monkey sit off the edge of a shelf. I like to put him in places no one expects him to be... like in the kitchen or on a desk after someone walks away briefly.

>> Download PDF template.(Right click then "Save As")
Download and print the free printable pattern on cardstock or thick inkjet / laser color paper.
*Tip* If the printing paper is thin - you can also glue it to another plain sheet of paper to give it more support. We like spray adhesive since it's easy to put down a thin layer of glue evenly.

>> Materials and Tools Needed

Craft Knife (aka Exacto blade pen)
Template printed out on thick paper
Old dry pen to score paper

Cut & Prep

1. Carefully cut out all the paper parts from the printed template. Cut along the thick outline with scissors. Do not cut on the dashed lines.
2. Use a craft knife / exacto knife to cut the STAR slots on the paper parts.
3. Score the dotted lines on each paper part using an old dry pen that has no ink.

Let's Build!

4. Fold all the scored paper parts. You will want to fold and tuck the two monkey paw STAR TABS into themselves. Fold the bottom of the monkey in towards the front and have the legs then fold down. Fold the tail into the art. Fold the rest of the scored parts on the monkey inward.

5. Slot each monkey paw into each STAR slot on the monkey part. Once the tabs are slipped into the slots, DO NOT open the tab arms back out. Just leave them tucked in

6. Slot each A snip together. Slot each B snip together. These snips will slip into each other and hold the two parts together.

7. Final Step! Slip the cut out BANANA into his little arms. Feel free to create your own cut out paper objects he can hold.

Find a fun place to where the monkey can sit! Place something heavy inside of him if he tends to fall over. (Ceiling fans are kinda of a bummer for paper toys.)


This paper toy is based on an old late 1940s, 1950s template of a squirrel with a nut. Advertisers would use templates like this to promote products to parents and children. These templates were included with these items or as part of the printing of the packaging. There sort of paper toys were a way to get grown ups to buy one brand over another because they also would get a free toy for their kids out of it. 

This is similar to the fabric print patterns that flour companies would send their grain in to farms across the US. These sack dresses were extremely popular. Grain or flour would arrive and then women of the household would use the fabric / sack to make garments for everyone in the home. Companies got so wise to it that they started printing patterns on the actual sack fabric to save a step for the woman. You can read more about this history here - Flour Sacks for Clothes.


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