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Wow! Secret Society of Paper Puppets books are back!

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For a year or so the Secret Society of Paper Cuts books where sold out. If you are not familiar with the SSoPC - it's a fun book series how-to about making paper puppets, pop up cards and other paper craft trickery!

Well, these books are back! I am excited. They were fun to write and I consider them a creative vomiting of knowledge. Everything I know about paper engineering is in those books.

So why these books!?

  • For a crafter, you will enjoy the storytelling mixed in with the skillz & templates.
  • For the artist (animators, illustrators, theater junkies, etc) you can take your art elsewhere with paper techniques. 
  • For Valentine's day - make a gift for those special people in your life. 
  • Coffee table aficionados - grab your favorite libation and slap a book down at a party.

The books are available standard or as PDF download. Click here to purchase.
(Use the code SMARTZ for 25% off any PDF buys until Feb 1st)

So which book!?

  • Volume 1 - Intro. This is great for people who don't craft typically. Artists, creative types that need to see what's possible. A lot is covered, you won't miss out! BOOK or PDF )
  • Volume 2 - Dolls. For people who enjoy making paper dolls and articulated figures. Also wonderful for animators interested in stop-motion or photography. ( BOOK or PDF )
  • Volume 3 - Pop Up. Great for those who don't care about dolls and need to understand how pop up cards work. Simple to complex paper engineering is covered. ( BOOK or PDF )

Watch a video preview of Volume 1 - Intro!

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